Saturday, 10 March 2012

Children should not live in FEAR!!! Please watch, help me spread this out!!!

Hello everyone. I opened the news today and saw this video. Sometimes we could think..."it is so bad what happens in the world" but after a while we keep going on with our own lives. Very often I think of people in the world that are suffering and I also think..."there is nothing I can do", or I have to hear people telling me "well if we start thinking about everything that is going on in the world"... and again..."there is nothing we can do..." Well today I'm trying to do a little something. It is not much but if we all do "a little something" maybe we could get somewhere.

Please spread it out!!! Don't give your back to CHILDREN... of any culture, social status or religion. They are the ones that, if they know how, could make a better world!!!. My prayers and thoughts for each suffering person in the world.


Bridget said...

Carolina, popped over here from SCS and watched the whole video...I was gripped...having worked in a village school in Lusango, Uganda, these children are more than faces to me...I love them. Thank you for bringing this to my attention...I was very aware of Kony but not this campaign!

MiamiKel said...

Carolina, what a blessing to try to share this and reach those that are unaware. I've been following it in the news - in fact, the local school kids here all wear "K's" on their hands as a sort of symbolism to stamp out what he stands for, the horrors he has inflicted. It's terrible. I just finished reading "What is the What" by Dave Eggers which is the biography of a Sudanese man who details his life and the horrors just like your video. If you are a book reader, I can tell you - it will impact your life! Blessings, friend.